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Will there be a Judgment Day?

Written by Rabbi Tzvi Green Posted in Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a Judgment Day?

Question: Sometimes I shudder at the thought of Moshiach and the Day of Judgment that is mentioned in the bible. Who wants to be held up to that type of scrutiny by a judge who cannot be fooled?

Answer: While the day of judgment for our behavior in the pre-Messianic age is mentioned is in the Torah1 there is evidence from classical sources2 that the day of judgment will not commence until after the Resurrection of the Dead, some 40 years after Moshiach comes. By then, we'll have plenty of time to improve.

Yes, there may be some embarrassing moments, but the good will be so overwhelming that it is worth the temporary embarrassment.3 Moshiach's coming will not only introduce an unprecedented abundance of material goods, but more importantly, Moshiach will imbue everything that we do with so much more meaning and depth that any residual pain and suffering from Galut will be insignificant.

Here's another point: The longer we are in Galut the more time we have to change. We will thus be held accountable for not utilizing the extra time in Galut. If Moshiach comes immediately, one can always use the defense that he had not changed because there was no time...

1. See Hosheia 9:5; Malachi 3:23; Ramban, Sha'ar HaGemul.

2. See Teshuvos u'Biurim 11; Likkutei Dibburim, vol. II, p. 644.

3. See Hilchos Melachim 12:5.

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