"We Will Be Like Dreamers"

By Rabbi Yaakov Brawer Posted in Exile/Galut

From the dreamer’s point of view, the dream world appears entirely ordinary and very real. The dreamer may be terrified by something that, on awakening, merely evokes a bewildered smile. If galut is like a dream, how can we objectively assess our circumst

The Spiritual Genome: Our World Today as an Unborn Baby

By Rabbi Leibl Wolf Posted in Exile/Galut

Hassidic teachings of Kabbalah compare the unborn baby to the current state of the world and history. Our consciousness is severely limited, as is evidenced by the small portion of the brain that is currently used -- estimated at 5% of its ultimate potent


By Yanki Tauber Posted in Exile/Galut

"Galut" means the Exile or Diaspora; as in "The Jewish People has been in galut for two thousand years," or "Moshiach will take us out of galut". The term refers to the current state of the world before the arrival of Moshiach. Understanding the nature an

Jewish History as a Cholent

By Rabbi Yanki Tauber Posted in Exile/Galut

We have been scattered across the six continents so that we may come in contact with the sparks of holiness which await redemption in every corner of the globe. So that a printing press in Boston should print a work of Torah learning on paper manufactured

Meaning and Chaos

By Dr. Tali Lowenthal Posted in Exile/Galut

In the situation of Galut the goodness of the individual, may well not be rewarded in immediate material terms. On a deeper level, even in the state of Galut there is a relationship between one's actions and the events which follow. Yet it is governed by

The Benefits of Galut

By Rabbi Yanki Tauber Posted in Exile/Galut

Galut can be described as a time when G-d is "asleep": G-d seems remote and disaffected; the righteous suffer while the wicked prosper. But, just like sleep also preserves and enhances the fusion of body and soul, galut, despite its surface negativity, re

The Heart of Galut

By Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe Posted in Exile/Galut

A fascinating article that describes the essence of the galut experience and its causes, based on the metaphor in Psalm 126 "When G-d will return the exiles of Zion we will [see our experiences in exile] as having been dreamers". The nature of sleep and i