The Fear of the Unknown

Written by Mrs. Yehudis Cohen Posted in What Will Happen?

The only way to conquer one's fear is to make the unknown known--to know more about Moshiach and the Redemption.

Yes, the entire world will be transformed. But only for the good. Moshiach will bring only goodness and joy. He will perfect individuals, communities, and the entire world. Whatever changes he will initiate will be for the best.

Today, truth is hidden, evil overpowers good, and relationships are confused. Our world is abnormal, yet it exudes an aura of "so it is and so it will be," as if it could never change. But once Ultimate truth is revealed, the world will be transformed into an ideal state -- the perfect state of existence for which it was initially created -- and even higher.

It's hard for us to grasp what life will be like in the Redemption. But that is perfectly normal, too. For the Messianic Era is something that no one has ever experienced before.

Imagine a people who live in total darkness. Generation after generation is born into this darkness. It is all they know, for they have literally never seen the light of day. These people must develop all kinds of methods of coping with the darkness--canes, ropes, sound systems, and computerized signals. They cannot believe that anyone can manage without such things. In their most fantastic, darkest dreams they cannot fathom what light is, and what life with light would be like.

Yet, the very minute one would bring them light, they would discard all their paraphernalia and marvel at their previously distorted lifestyle.

We are these people. We live in the darkest of exile. It isn't surprising, then, that we cannot understand what life in the Redemption will be like. But we can at least learn about it to get over our fear of the unknown.

Once the Redemption comes and G-d's glory will be revealed, all our doubts will disappear. We will crave Torah and the performance of Mitzvot just as today we hunger for food. There will be no war, no hatred, or jealousy, because we will see that every other person is part of us, and only together are we complete.

The Redemption will simply restructure the world as it was meant to be, directing all energies toward goodness and sanctity.

(Adapted from the book, Days of Moshiach)

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